Welcome to Renal Billing

Renal Billing® has focused solely on dialysis billing since 2003 and has forged relationships in the renal marketplace that provide us with a unique perspective on dialysis reimbursement. 


We stay up to date on all CMS regulations, electronic billing, coding, insurance contracts and Payer compliance to ensure the highest rate of collections.  The Billing Department leverages our relationships in the dialysis world so we are qualified to address any of your billing, management, and submission needs.

Medical Team

Services Overview

Dialysis Billing

  • Prepare and submit claims to all Payers; including Secondary and Tertiary ​

  • Maintain a Cash Receipts journal 

  • Electronic processes for eligibility, ERAs, claim submission and tracking ​

  • Assist in negotiating best contract with commercial insurances ​

  • Assist with required forms and documentation for Payers 

  • Post all payments and adjustments 

  • Maintain an average A/R of 30 - 45 days 

Client Support

  • 24x7x365 monitoring of all network equipment to ensure server and application availability 

  • Assist with implementing CMS initiatives 

  • Full time Clinical Nurse Educator on staff​

  • We maintain a 99.9% average uptime for database VPN connectivity to our clients 

  • Our Database is housed in a state-of-the-art data center 

100% of our clients have realized an increase in revenue

Our Employees average over 10 years experience in Dialysis Billing



We provide clients with MIQS*, the premier provider of EMR and Billing software for ESRD at no extra charge.  Renal Billing hosts all the billing and clinical data which eliminates the huge upfront costs for your clinic.

Low Start up Costs

All billing and clinical data is stored on our servers located at an offsite, Tier 1 data center with back-up power supplies, generators, and bio-metric security. System maintenance is conducted outside of the clinic's operating hours to further reduce downtime. The MIQS database is backed up to an offsite facility and mirrored to another facility out-of-state.

Secure Data

Don't want to change EMRs? We can export billing charges from your existing EMR and import into MIQS to create claims.

EMR Flexibility

Each clinic is assigned a dedicated Billing Coordinator to create a unique and personal relationship

'Denied' does not mean the end of the road for our Billing Specialists



Tommy J. Carter, Chief Executive Officer/Co-Founder

Mr. Carter was a co-founder of National Renal Alliance, a provider of dialysis services in thirty-seven facilities in nine states. He was responsible for oversight of facility startup, purchasing, and physician recruitment. Mr. Carter is also a founder and CEO of RenalSouth, which operated four successful Dialysis clinics in Arkansas, Georgia and Louisiana. He was founder and CEO of Dialysis Innovations and Nephrology Recruiters which engaged in dialysis supplies sales, consulting, and nephrology recruitment. Mr. Carter's other executive positions include Vice President of Amuchina Inc., an international dialysis disinfection company and Marketing Director of Haemotronic Inc., an international manufacturer of dialysis bloodlines and distributor of Asahi dialyzers. Mr. Carter has over 40 years of involvement in the renal industry.

Janet (Jan) R. Brown, Chief Operating Officer/Co-Founder

Mrs. Brown was the Revenue Cycle Manager for Alabama Dialysis Services from 1994 to 1999 at which time it was sold to National Nephrology Associates. Mrs. Brown continued her role as Revenue Cycle Manager until 2002 for 12 outpatient facilities and eight acute programs. During this time, Mrs. Brown was a member of the Alabama Medicare Advisory Committee. In 2002, Mrs. Brown was responsible for the development of the reimbursement department for the National Renal Alliance, a dialysis provider with multiple facilities in nine states. Mrs. Brown is also a founder and COO of RenalSouth, which operated four successful Dialysis clinics in Arkansas, Georgia and Louisiana. Mrs. Brown has over 27 years of experience in the renal industry.