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Renal Billing® provides its clients with MIQS, the premier provider of EMR and Billing software for ESRD. We provide clients with this software and store all clinical and billing data on our server. By doing this, Renal Billing® eliminates the huge upfront costs of clinical and billing software and server hardware.


The MIQS software suite combines the electronic medical record, practice management, and decision-support functions within a completely integrated and analyzable application infrastructure. It dramatically improves daily workflow management and lowers the cost of regulatory and payer compliance. With MIQS, customers can unify their daily operations in ways that are:


Comprehensive - Impact the entire organization

Seamless - Integrate business and clinical processes

Flexible - Leverage change into a competitive advantage

Fast - Resolve issues before they become problems

We will keep your business ahead of the curve

Billing Manager Plus promotes accurate and efficient billing processes, improving time and revenue management.


Handles multiple locations and provider accounts within a single database

Promotes fast and flexible set-up and maintenance of multiple fee schedules

Creates charges, generates bills, and transmits them electronically

Translates clinical data into billing data at the point of care

Manages account receivables (A/R), payment posting and collections

Tracks primary, secondary, and tertiary billing processes

Provides comprehensive and flexible reporting and performance profiling

Integrates with electronic medical record and scheduling module


MIQS for the iPad app

This app is a complement to the MIQS software suite. MIQS for the iPad is a quick, intuitive physician rounding tool and EMR portal for existing MIQS customers. It provides all the information necessary for caregivers to document brief and comprehensive MCP encounters for their ESRD patients. Designed to be used while rounding in the clinic, patient records can be preloaded for instant access to a detailed rounding report, recent labs with historical graphing, medication orders, recent notes and the current hemodialysis order. Orders can be added or changed as needed and custom note templates provide an easy and quick way to document the encounter. 


Work From Anywhere

What makes us different is that our customers can access patient charts from virtually anywhere, and nephrologists can review and sign orders from home, hospital, or any other clinical setting in which the professional might be working, using personalized dialysis-specific templates for notes and charting. In the clinic, the practitioner can view the patients' treatment data while the treatment is in progress, as well as previous treatment data and complete medical history.

MIQS is Technology that Saves Lives

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