Maximizing Revenue.

Minimizing Headaches.

Why Renal Billing® ?

Let's be honest. The landscape of dialysis billing isn't always easy to navigate, and while confidence in your abilities as a dialysis operation is essential, there's a downside to total facility self-reliance. Human error, the pressure of deadlines, changing policies, and compliance regulations can have your employees quickly falling behind. Sometimes a facility will fail to see the things it's doing objectively – which often sabotages its success.



That is why our clients come to us seeking refuge from the confusing, time consuming, and oftentimes, frustrating billing world that requires timely collections and professionally resolved disputes. Our billing specialists collectively have over 80 years in the medical billing field and average ten years in renal billing. Given this vast amount of experience, our skill set includes recovering unpaid claims, while guiding clients of any size through the meticulous ins and outs of Medicare, Medicaid and various third party intermediaries.

100% of our clients have realized an increase in profitability

Sometimes Getting Your Ducks In A Row Requires A Partner

Facilities have to deal with compliance for CMS, CrownWeb, HCDN, HIPAA, OIG, HITECH, FCRA, USRDS, DOQI, ESRD Networks, cost reports, 855a, and AAMI. Trying to accomplish this on your own is virtually impossible. In fact, it's like trying to put out a house fire with a garden hose. We're here to keep you from financial and compliance disasters. In renal reimbursement, being a "billing Jack of all trades" simply doesn't cut it.

Low Startup Cost



Renal Billing® provides its clients with MIQS, the premier provider of EMR and Billing software for ESRD. We provide clients with this software and store all clinical and billing data on our server. By doing this, Renal Billing eliminates the huge upfront costs of clinical and billing software and server hardware.


With Relationships, One Size Does Not Fit All


We take great pride in the relationships we have forged and continue to build with our clients. We assign each of our clients a Billing Specialist who personally gets to know your personnel and practices. We partner with you to make certain that you receive the comprehensive attention and specific help you need. The way we see it, each facility is unique and deserves our special attention.


All Of The Gain Without The Pain

The world of dialysis reimbursement is complex and ever changing. The bundle adjustments, QIPS, 5010, ICD 10, ESA's, HGB, HCT, KT/V, BMI, dialysis and lab modifiers all affecting your reimbursement make this industry not for the faint of heart. At Renal Billing®, we are very proud to say that since 2003, 100% of our client base has realized an increase in profitability. Of course, we understand that knowing and following all the rules to collecting money for medical services rendered is no easy task. Renal Billing will deal with the pain, while you gain increased reimbursement revenue.

Secure Data

To ensure optimum system uptime and security, our servers are located at an offsite, Tier 3 data center with redundant back-up power supplies, generators, AC units and bio-metric security. System maintenance is conducted outside of the clinic's operating hours to further reduce downtime. The MIQS database is backed up to an offsite facility and mirrored to another facility out-of-state.

We Keep Your Business Ahead Of The Curve


To further ensure your success, we employ a full-time Nurse Educator and an IT Department who are committed to supporting your staff. From coordinating platform installation and training, to providing education on software and application updates, support for lost connectivity and help with executing downloads into MIQS, our IT and Training support is second to none.


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